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  • The Underground SEO Secrets program (50+ videos)
  •  Bi-weekly live calls with Ruan & special guests 
  •  Comprehensive digital marketing agency training 
  •  Over the shoulder ranking case study website (2019)
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  • Bonus #1: Service contract template for sales of service 
  • Bonus #2: List of guest post websites for any niche 
  • Bonus #3: My wordpress digital marketing agency template (one click install) 
  •  Bonus #4: Agency pitchdeck, swap your logo and start selling today 
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Our most commonly asked questions about the program 
Is there a refund for this product available? No, please do not purchase this product if you have shiny object syndrome. The information presented in this course can easily be worth $5,000. The information inside is what I paid more than $25,000 to learn and that course which is refrenced here. Is still worth $8,000. **This program has a strict no refunds policy no questions asked unless you cannot connect to the program after purchase. 
Who is this program for? This program is ideally from someone who is offering this as a service or has one of their own businesses. The information provided in the program will help you generate results for your clients so you can build the confidance to grow your own business. If you own a business and aren't selling this as a service you will enjoy a spike in traffic onto your website given that you follow the steps laid out in the program. 
What more information is there compared to your YouTube? On my YouTube channel I share a ton of information - and I get that. Enough information for you to get started for sure. The Underground Secrets is a community of people that share resources together and often conduct business together. Joining the group and having access to me is worth the money alone. In terms of content in the course, let's put it this way - there simply is information that I cannot share to the mass public. And it is in the program for those who are looking to take marketing to the next level. 
Can I do this at a young age? Yes, we have students in the program that are 18 years old and make money the day after purchasing the program. People don't hire based on age, they hire based on experience and results. If you're a professional at 16 years old, people will stay pay you. Not only will the program teach you technical SEO skills, but it will also place you in a whole new level in terms of business accremin. You can see a real example of a student in the program who is 18 and making an impact:
What does Ruan mean by feeding me leads? Our digital marketing agency (DeveloMark) recieves a ton of leads per month that we simply cannot service. As a student, you will recieve access to get a chance to handle agency leads we simply cannot service. We get leads because of the SEO that we perform on our own website as well as Ruan's YouTube channel. Our agency works with a specific veritcal so we cannot simply service every client. By becoming one of Ruan's students, you get access to leads filtered to you after demonstrating capability and completion of the content inside of the program. 
What does the program cover? The program covers how to generate traffic for a website and start a business around it without paying for any advertising or doing any of the SEO work. I show you over screen recordings how to buy a domain that already has SEO power to it, then how to develop a website and add SEO content onto your website so you can start to get clients. Ruan also shows you videos that he sends to clients breaking down exactly what he would do to rank their website. While you're waiting for your SEO to build, you can start sending an email template that Ruan uses to generate new outbound leads for his business. The program also has an extensive addition on how to use Facebook ad's in conjunction with the content marketing plan. 
What do I get access to? Upon purchase of the course, you will recieve immidiate access to Ruan's 50+ video library on how he brings massive results for him and his clients. You will also get access to the bonuses. The proposal and the video breakdowns are in the FB group that you will also get access to when you join. You'll also be able to download the slides for your pitchdeck in the membership area. You will also have the ability to immidiately access Ruan's wordpress template for your own agency website or if you want to use it for a different website. The website will be a template that you can build in wordpress and go ahead and add in your content. 
What is SEO? SEO is the practice of ranking a website to higher position in Google. Because of the higher rankings, websites get more traffic. I'll teach you exactly how to do this, and offer this as a service to small businesses in the area. 
Are you teaching local SEO? Yes, this program is for people who want to profit by providing growth services to businesses considered "small". Businesses with less than 25 million in most cases when selling these services. 
Do you teach "White Hat SEO"? Yes, all of the SEO strategies displayed in the course are evergreen. Meaning Google would never want to penalize a website that we have done work too. The reason being is we create content that is focused on the user. Google also needs the user to sell ads, so they will always show a search result that get's the user to stay on the website the longest. In the program although, I teach you grey hat SEO tactics that I simply cannot reveal to the public. I do this to protect myself from getting damaged ratings.
Why should I listen to you?  I talk it while I walk it. I have real clients go check out my digital marekting agency website, and a very real strategy. I have real rankings for several keywords, have been featured in multiple publications on SEO, and am currently teaching a group of 1.5K students how to achieve their next level in marketing. 
How are the videos in your course? Many people ask how are the videos in the course recorded? How I recorded this course is I set up a brand new domain, set up hosting for the website, design the website, add content to the website, and perform the proper SEO on the website all over the shoulder. The videos can range from 3-25 minutes. This is all content that I paid over $25,000 + to learn. 
Do you cover PR in the course? Yes, in the program I teach you exactly how to get clients on a PR website such as a TV segment, newspaper, local publications and much more. Press releases is one of the most powerful methods of achieving higher search engine rankings. PR is a also a healthy mix to ensure a companies social figure looks good online.
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